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"... any condition outside or on the peripheries of everyday life. It is often a sacred condition or can readily become one.”


Victor Turner






Fri 29th May 2020

Dance & Spirituality

You'll find the YouTube link by clicking here, and here's a quick skim guide to the topics covered:

1.30 How does dance spirituality compare to other spiritualities?
4:00 conscious attention to moving body brings us in touch with different aspects of being human
5:00 dance, meaning, existential questions, values
6:00 art of living
7:00 body-heart-mind continuum, attunement
8:00 transcendent-immanent spirituality (away from, into the body)
10:00 mindful - bodyful
11:00 Movement Medicine and 5 Rhythms
15:00 dance as medicine, healing qualities, release
18:00 soul retrieval
19:00 how to establish a ceremonial space
24:00 movement medicine mandala
30:30 altar installations with a wink to the long dance
32:00 how can such practices help people in academia (embodied and soulful scholarship)
35:00 becoming body-literate, somatic toolkit project, somatics
40:00 PhD supervision - literature study in motion
41.30 Dancing with polarities in data
42.20 Inspiration: role of dance in sustainability
44.00 Time, generations, arc of time in Movement Medicine, mortality
46:00 personal and collective experiences, introception, awareness around the body, between people in a group, and beyond our group
47.40 nature as part of the practice