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"... any condition outside or on the peripheries of everyday life. It is often a sacred condition or can readily become one.”


Victor Turner






Sun 26th Jan 2014

Article Dance as A Moving Spirituality

Through a case study of Movement Medicine, I discuss how a danced spirituality differs from other forms of spirituality, such as meditation and contemplation. Also, the article attempts to explore some of the aspects that make dance a unique medium for an embodied, lived and creative spirituality. ‘Feel good feelings’, as well as emerging from difficult emotions encountered on the dance floor, generate a sense of meaning which is translated to taking sustainable, socially just action. Through dance, different states of consciousness can be experienced through which ‘other’ knowledge is accessed and subsequently embodied. In these states, people can also meet and relate to spirit beings, and simultaneously express that relationship through the moving body. Finally, three qualities of dance are discussed, which contribute to concrete, lasting changes in existing life structures.

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